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If this is the 1st time accesing either the teacher or student zones, you will need to register yourself to use the system. Choose whether you are logging in as a techer or student below.

I am registering as a student.

I am registering as a teacher.

NOTE: The teacher account needs to be registered before any student account, allowing the student account to be grouped to the teacher.

Domain Access
To use the two learning areas (Teacher and Student Zones), your schools computers need access to below hosting servers. Please request your school and or district system administrator to allow network access to the following domains.

If access is granted by your system admins and you still have issues accessing the site, please utilize the support resources specified in the Support section below.

Registration and Logging in
The top of the Teacher Bundle Pass Code card, contains both the teacher and student pass codes, respectively "Sample Code A" and "Sample Code B".

These serve as your passcodes for logins, do not lose them. Students share the same passcodes but will set-up unique user ID’s. Below are instructions on registering user ids and logging into the system. (Note access through your firewall is required to proceed with the below process.)

  • Enter in your passcode into the New Registration section.
  • When registering as a teacher, you will be provided a form with a few fields to fill out. Your last name will become your user id for future logins into to system. Since the passcode provided¬† to you is unique, you can have the same userid (last name) as other teachers in the system. Use the last name your students are most familiar with, as their accounts will be tied to yours. They will see your name and be granted access as a student of “Teacher: (your Last name).”
  • For registration, students will be presented with only a couple of fields. Their full name will become their user id for logging into the system when returning. Please request that they write down their entry exactly as they have entered it into the computer. If you have more than one student through your classes with the same first and last name please instruct them to add a middle initial or name. For added security, they can add a unique set of digits after theur last name when registering.
  • Once registered, teachers and students enter the learning areas by entering their user id and provided registration passcode into login section of this page.
  • Teachers need to register their accounts before any student in their classes can register.
  • As a teacher, you can also access the student area, allowing you to experience the games and exercises for planning and enjoyment.

NOTE: The registration/passcodes have been assigned to you and your students, the combination of the student’s userid and passcodes ensure a unique combination to avoid stumbling into each other’s account. However since the students all have the same passcode, students could conceivably log into each other’s account if they deduce the user id provided by another student. The games and exercises intentionally only allow forward progress and do not contain scoring or saved states, to reduce impact due to hacking into anothers account. If concerns remain, students can initially register with a secret set of numbers or letters after their name to increase personal security.

For you support, a FAQ is provided at

If the FAQs do not answer your questions, please feel free to email Questions are often addressed within one business day of receipt.

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